Repel Sportsman Wipes 30% DEET


Brand: REPEL

Repel Sportsman Wipes deter mosquitoes, flies, no-see-ums, gnats, and fleas for up to 10 hours. The insect repellent wipes are perfect for face and neck application. Flexible, lightweight pouch contains 15 insect repellent wipes. These easy to store bug spray wipes are great for ideal backpackers, hunters, and other outdoorsmen.  

  • Repels Mosquitoes, Flies, No-Seem-Ums, Gnats, And Fleas For Up To 10 Hours
  • Perfect For Face And Neck Application
  • Flexible, Lightweight Pouch For Easy On-The-Go Storage
  • Contains 15- 5" X 7" Wipes
  • Great For Backpackers, Hunters, And Other Outdoorsmen