Polyester Paracord - Camo


Brand: Rothco

100 ft. Package Polyester 550 Paracord ensures that you are prepared at all times. This 100 foot length of cord is strength tested to withstand 550 pounds of pressure, making it ideal for general use or in a survival situation. Originally designed to secure parachutes during jumps, this cord has become an outdoorsman’s best friend through its strength and versatility. The 7 strand core not only ensures that this paracord is up to the task when you need a rugged piece of lashing, it also doubles as thin wire or emergency fishing line in a survival setting. Made from 100% polyester, this cord is resistant to wear and tear and will be up to the challenge every time it’s called upon. Don’t get caught without the proper cord for the job; order today!
  • 100 foot length of cord ensures you always have plenty on hand
  • 550 pound strength tested to resist breaks during use
  • 7 strand core provides strength and doubles as survival cordage
  • 100% Polyester material is incredibly durable