Polyester Paracord - Black w/Reflective Tracers


Brand: Rothco

Black Reflective 100 Foot Polyester Paracord - 30815. Made of 100% heavy duty polyester. 550 pound tested tension strength. 7 strand core. 5/32" diameter. 3 reflective traces. Important part of any survival kit, has an infinite amount of uses. Ideal for making paracord survival bracelets. Designed after the type III 550 pound tested mil-spec paracord. Black w/reflective traces polyester parachute cord. Imported.

  • 100 foot length of cord ensures you always have plenty on hand
  • 550 pound strength tested to resist breaks during use
  • 7 strand core provides strength and doubles as survival cordage
  • 100% Polyester material is incredibly durable