Heavyweight EDC / CCW Leather Gun Belt


Brand: Rothco

Heavyweight EDC/CCW Leather Gun Belt is made of thick heavy-duty full grain leather and stainless steel hardware that has been designed to support the weight of your firearm, which makes it ideal for concealed carry or everyday carry equipment. The concealed carry leather belt is 1.5” wide and can fit 5/8” belt loops. This EDC belt features a 3.45 MM prong and 5 holes at the end of the belt each spaced 1” apart. 


  • Heavyweight Belt Is Made With Thick 4.8 MM Full Grain Leather And 5.4 MM Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Designed To Carry Weight Of A Firearm With A Heavyweight 4.8 MM Full Gain Leather Material
  • Fits 5/8" Belt Loop
  • Features A 3.45 MM Prong And 5 Holes At The End Of The Belt Each Spaced 1” Apart
  • Leather Belt Is 1.5” Wide
  • Fold Over At The End Of The Belt With Two Rivets
  • Each Carry Belt Has A Hanger Hook And Box