Canteen Survival Package


Brand: Rothco

BPA Free Plastic 1-Quart Canteen: The Canteen is made from 100% BPA free plastic and will hold up to 1 Quart of liquid. The canteen is also made in the USA.

Aluminum Canteen Cup Stove and Stand: For Use With Canteen Cup To Heat Liquids Mre's and More Easy Storage. The Stove Nests Conveniently Around The Canteen Cup, Includes Instructions.

MOLLIE Canteen/Utility Pouch: Holds 1 Quart Canteen, Can Also Be Used As Utility Pouch. The Canteen Pouch Features 2 Small Side Pouches For Water Purification Tablets, Matches, Fuel Tabs, Etc. The Pouch Is Ideal For Military Use Or For Camping/Outdoors.

Chlor-Floc Water Purification Power: Eliminates Giardia, most bacteria viruses, other harmful micro organisms and sediment. 30 packets per box. Box treats 8 gallons. 4 year shelf life.

Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes (3-pieces): Smokeless, Non-Explosive, Burns for 15 Minutes Each, Great for Cooking, Heating, Fire Starting


The list of equipment above will allow you to have a MOLLIE pouch that will mount on any MOLLIE vest or bag and can be belt worn or attached to most backpacks. This pouch will hold all of the above equipment; stove, cup, cup lid, 1-quart canteen, some solid fuel cubes and water purification power.  You will be able to carry 1-quart of water and be able to purify 30-quarts of water. You will also be able to start fires easily and use the cup stove, cup and cup lid to boil liquids and heat food. This is useful for military, hunting, backpacking, exploring or to keep in your vehicle or boat for emergencies.

 Canteen Survival Package includes all of the items below

BPA Free Plastic 1-Quart Canteen #606 MSRP         $3.49

Stainless Steel Canteen Cup & Cover Set #8512     $17.99

Aluminum Canteen Cup Stove #918                         $12.49

MOLLIE Canteen/Utility Pouch #40014                    $14.99

Chlor-Floc Water Purification Power #7741              $14.99

Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes (3-pieces) #648                   $10.99

Ranger Flint & Striker Firestarter 674                       $13.99

Total for all of the above                                            $88.93

Minus 20% group product discount                     -$17.79

Final cost                                                                   $71.14