Ben's Clothing And Gear Insect Repellent 24oz


Brand: Ben's

Ben’s Clothing And Gear Insect Repellent contains a 0.5% permethrin formula to repel and kill insects on contact. Easily apply to your clothes and gear with the 24oz ergonomic grip spray bottle to keep disease-carrying insects at bay (Do not apply to skin). The permethrin formula bonds to fabric fibers for up to six weeks to give long-lasting protection. Whether you are hiking, fishing, camping, or hunting, Ben’s bug repellent is the optimal choice for insect protection.

  • 0.5% Permethrin Formula Repels And Kills Insects On Contact
  • Apply To Your Clothes And Gear To Keep The Disease-Carryings Insects At Bay
  • Long-Lasting Protection Lasts Up To Six Weeks
  • 24oz Plastic Spray Bottle With Ergonomic Grip
  • Do Not Apply To Skin