5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool

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Brand: Rothco

5-In-1 Multi-Purpose Tool features heavy steel construction with a compass, interchangeable shovel, saw, axe and pick. The 5-in-1 tool also comes with a nylon carry case and makes for a great survival tool whether you are camping in the great outdoors or packing your bug out bag.There is always a need for a certain tool and often times you do not have that tool available. With this 5-in-1 multi-purpose tool, you can count on this being less of a problem in your future.
This one compact tool has attachments that come with it to turn it into a shovel, saw, pick, hatchet, and hammer. Recognizing that it is essential to have all of the attachments for maximum benefit, designed and included a black nylon carrying case for the tool and all of the attachments.Those who are familiar with a military entrenching tool will feel very comfortable using this multi-purpose tool. While it is smaller in size than an entrenching tool, the concept is the same for extending and tightening the attachments. You will find it to be a 20-second job to transition this tool from shovel to saw and then to a hammer. While you wouldn't want to use this style of tool for a months long job, it is perfect for tackling challenges at your campsite or outdoors.
 WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. 
  • 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Design
  • Includes Shovel, Hatchet with Hammer, Saw, Pick, and Compass
  • Packs Disassembled into Included Black Carry Bag

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