36-Bulb LED Solar and Handcrank Lantern

57.99 44.99

Brand: Rothco

Be Ready for the outdoors and for emergencies with the 36 LED bulb lantern. With this handy solar and hand-crank lantern you'll never be without light again! Keep a hand-crank lantern on hand and you will have a dependable light source regardless of other sources that may or may not be available. Don't under estimate your need for light. Simply crank the dynamo handle and generate the power you need.

Color - Black
LEDS - 36
Power - Solar/Hand-Crank
Size - 10.25'' x 4.35".Hand cranking for 1 minute provides:20 minutes using 18 LED mode.
10 minutes using 36 LED mode.
8.5 Hours solar charging provides 2 hours normal lighting.
Alternate power - Handcrank with battery.
Function on/off switch.1st - turns on 18 LEDS. 2nd turns on 36 LEDS.