About Us

Delta Survivalist

There can be worldwide, national, statewide, regional, local and individualized disasters that will affect you and your family.  Will you be prepared?  Can you be self-reliant for a few days, weeks, months or until help arrives and normalcy evolves?  The self-reliant concepts are simple, however the implementation is not. It takes education, dedication and effort to prepare for adversity.  The beneficial needs are very evident. Those who are not prepared will be controlled or die and those prepared to live free will have a choice on how to survive.

We at Delta Surveillance are dedicated to help you learn and allow you to survive your disasters and emergencies and minimize the effects. We have long protected your homes and businesses from the effects of crime and now we will help you learn to protect yourself when disaster strikes. We have formed a new division of our security services called Delta Survivalist.

At www.deltasurvivalist.com you will find traditional and high-tech clothing and accessories for law enforcement, military, hunters, campers and outdoor enthusiast.  We also have sunglasses, goggles, watches, wallets, rings, toys, manuals, lighters, pins, patches, lighting, flashlights, badges, locks, self-defense sprays, gun cleaning supplies and kits, binoculars, night vision and spotting scopes, knives, knife sharpeners, sheaths and outdoor tools. We supply camping and survival gear for all purposes like fire-starters, food and water rations and water purification accessories, first aid and medical supplies. To carry your belongings and provide shelter we have backpacks, bags, tents, cots, blankets, travel gear and much more. We have over 300 pages of genuine military, outdoor and public safety gear and security products for your use.

We won’t just provide you with a catalog of products, we will host training sessions and camps to let adults discover firsthand how to use these life saving devices and gear. We will teach you how to survive without gear and let you learn how to appreciate good gear and survival tactics.  Our newsletters will provide you with tips and hints on preparing for adversity and disaster.