How to Build and Emergency Kit

Week 3 of National Preparedness month we will focus on building an emergency kit.

it’s important for families to work together to build an emergency kit
before an emergency strikes. There should be enough food, water, clothing, and
supplies to last for at least three days.

Checklist for Parents & Kids:


We have many products and kits to put together for an emergency 

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DavidR said:

FEMA will not post anything about self defense and would have you seek the nearest FEMA Camp during a disaster. In the real world outside of government idealistic concerns self defense should be of primary concern. Any stock piles of food, water, shelter, medical supplies or other survival gear will do you no good if you cannot keep them. Zombies, those roaming bands of friends and neighbors that did nothing to prepare for a disaster event will take these supplies when they can find them. Don’t put all your supplies in one place or location and FEMA Camps and public shelters should be your very last resort to survive. The 1st day after an event friends and neighbors will be helpful and supportive. Then reality and uncertainty will set in and people will be in scavenge mode. Darkness will bring screams, gun shots and savage criminal activity. Stores will be ransacked and looted, shelves will be empty. Day 3 and after only the strong and prepared will survive. Don’t be a Zombie. Read and learn the history after great disasters. Be prepared for well beyond a 72-hours period. Stay and defend or leave for safer areas is a choice only you can make, but beware, you may not be able to leave when streets are impassable or Marshall Law is declared. Can you protect and provide for your family until normalcy returns? Plan now.

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