There are a lot of things you can have when you're preparing yourself for a survival situation but there are a few things that you must have. Rothco is breaking it down to the basics so here are our 5 Survival Essentials:

1. Fire: Not only does fire keep you warm but it also cooks your food, boils your water, serves as a light in the dark, and can protect you against wildlife. Make sure you always have a lighter or fire starter handy.

2. Water: You won't last more than a few days without water so make sure you've got the means to keep yourself hydrated.

3. Shelter: Mother Nature can be harsh sometimes so it's important to keep yourself protected from the elements.

4. Food: In an emergency situation you'll need to keep your strength and energy up so make sure you have a suitable food source or the ability and knowledge to gather/hunt your own.

5. Navigation: You should always know where you are and where you are going. (Did Confucius say that?)





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