Preparing Makes Sense in Indian Country

Today during week two of National Preparedness Month (NPM) we will focus on Tribal Audiences.

Good preparations today can decrease fear, reduce losses, and speed recovery in a time of disaster or emergency. FEMA, which is part of the federal government, has a nation-to-nation relationship with Alaska Native and tribal governments as reflected in our Tribal Policy. FEMA works with tribal officials to help communities be prepared before an emergency and recover after disaster strikes.

The goal of Ready Indian Country is to collaborate with tribal governments to build emergency management capability and partnerships to ensure continued survival of Tribal nations and communities. Visit FEMA's Emergency Management Institute for additional information on training for Tribal Representatives.


This also goes with neighborhoods as well. If all the neighborhoods come together and have a community or neighborhood plan for when a disaster happens, things can go smoothly and everyone will have a role to make sure everyone has what they need to stay safe.


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