Cooking Outdoors and Rehydration

Cooking Outdoors and Rehydration






As a personal choice, I avoid cooking or drinking from aluminum pots and containers.  I’ll leave it up to you to research why. Although slightly heavier and costlier, stainless steel is a much better choice. So, when I purchased camping cooking gear I first looked to see what was available that was made with stainless steel. sells the Rothco #130 G.I. Type Stainless Steel Mess Kit and the #169 Stainless Steel 5-Piece Mess Kit.

Follow that with the Stainless Steel knife-spoon-fork sets #480 Chow Kit that is a 3-piece locking set with vinyl case, the #487 Olive Drab 3PC Folding Chow Kit with a pouch that has a belt loop and the #482 Deluxe Chow Set that also includes a jumbo can opener. For a light weight alternative try the #483 Lite My Fire O.D. Spork or the #479 Light My Fire 4-Pack Sporks. These are great. They are made of tough polycarbonate that won’t melt in boiling water and won’t scratch cookware.  Also, check out the #3323 Columbia River Eat ‘N Tool. This lightweight Stainless Steel spoon and fork tool also has multiple tools and a bottle opener. The #200 and #201 are folding 5 in 1 Chow Sets with pouches and the #202 is an 11 in 1 Chow set with a MOLLIE pouch. The #201 is Digital Camo and also comes with a MOLLIE strap.

There are two full pages of canteens to choose from in our 2014 catalog that can be a little confusing.  There are one and two quart sizes and several colors to choose. Also, you can choose plastic (BPA free), aluminum or Stainless Steel. The carrying pouches came in multiple solid colors and multiple camouflage choices with pockets or without. There are several other accessories, such as, #144 G.I. O.D. NBC Canteen Cap. This is a military type pop-top canteen cap that fits both the standard 1 and 2-quart plastic canteen sizes and has a drink tube adapter that allows use while wearing gas masks. The #602 G.I. Canteen Straw Kit fits 1, 2 and 5-quart canteens and has a 3-foot hose with a bite valve and clip that is great for backpacking.  There are also canteen cups, a canteen cup lid and a canteen cup stove that uses solid fuel cubes or other heat sources.

Let’s sort through the choices. If you are like me then you don’t want aluminum or non-BPA free plastic. That leaves the BPA free plastic models (1-quart #605, #610 or the 2-quart #600, #601). Stainless Steel canteen cup #512 and SS canteen cup lid #11512. The canteen cup stove #918 fits the #512 canteen cup. The #918 cup stove is made of aluminum, but you are not going to eat or drink from it.

Canteen pouches are a matter of choice. All are made of canvass, but some have felt, fleece or vinyl linings, shoulder straps, MOLLIE compatible and pockets for carrying water purifying chemicals, fire starters or fuel or even cell phones, compass or GPS units. The #614 Vintage Canteen Carry has a shoulder strap is fleece lined, has a large front pocket and plenty room for the #512 cup, #11512 lid and the #918 cup stove.

After looking at several canteen covers, I finally decided on the #614 for when I just wanted to on a walk and carry light and on the #40014 for hunting or wearing my black Mollie gear. I liked everything about the #40014 except the way the top flap folded over the canteen. It covers the canteen cap and I wanted to use the #602 Straw Kit without leaving the canteen unsecured in the pouch. So, I modified it a bit. I carefully measured where a cap sized hole should be cut in the flap. I inserted the stove, cup and lid (the lip was upright in the rear of the canteen cover pouch, not on the cup) and canteen, then I folded the cover flap until it touched the canteen cap and marked the inside center where it touched. Then I used the canteen cap to mark how wide the hole should be. I then drew a circle using the cap as a guide and cut the hole out. Now I can close the flap to secure the canteen with either the cap on or the straw in place. The vinyl lined canvass pouch flap will not fray. Plus, as a bonus, I now have a Black Spot that I can use to scare any Pirate that has ever read Treasure Island.

Normal costs for the following items are as follows;

BPA Free Plastic 1-Quart Canteen #606 $3.49

Stainless Steel Canteen Cup #512 11.99

Stainless Steel Canteen Cup Lid #11512  4.99  

Canteen Cup Stove #918 12.49

MOLLIE Canteen/Utility Pouch #40014 14.99

Chlor-Floc Water Purification Power #7741 14.99

Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes (12-pieces) #648 10.99

Total for all of the above          $73.93

Minus 30% discount           -22.18

Final cost          $51.75

The list of equipment above will allow you to have a MOLLIE pouch that will mount on any MOLLIE vest or bag and can be belt worn or attached to most backpacks. This pouch will hold all of the above equipment; stove, cup, cup lid, 1-quart canteen, some solid fuel cubes and water purification power.  You will be able to carry 1-quart of water and be able to purify 30-quarts of water. You will also be able to start fires easily and use the cup stove, cup and cup lid to boil liquids and heat food. This is useful for military, hunting, backpacking, exploring or to keep in your vehicle or boat for emergencies.

Order $150 worth of products and we will pay the shipping for free. Use the coupon code “HappyNY2014” to obtain the 30% discount on this and all other equipment and supplies from there is no limit on how often you use this code or the dollar amount for as long as the code is valid. The discount applies to the regular sells price and not to items posting a discount already of more than 30%.  

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